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Green Cleaning Certifications, Training, and Programs

Green Cleaning Certifications, Training, and Programs

April 7, 2022
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As more people strive to go green, businesses that offer cleaning services will want to learn more about green cleaning programs and the necessary certifications that could bring in a haul of new customers. Providing green cleaning services can help you stand out from your competition, and ensure your services are safe for human health and the surrounding environment.

To learn more helpful information regarding the concept of green cleaning and certification and training programs business owners can use to expand their services, just keep reading.

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What is Green Cleaning?

The concept of green cleaning refers to the use of products and services that hold minimal to no impact on human health and the surrounding environment. By following green cleaning best practices, businesses can better support healthy indoor air quality, reduce the risk of harmful chemical exposure, and of course, better protect the environment.

The movement toward green cleaning practices first began in the early 1990s, after President Clinton signed Executive Order 12873 mandating federal government agencies to create plans to adopt environmentally friendly products. Accompanied by the growing conversation surrounding environmental conservation and the support of human health, the concept of green cleaning has exploded across numerous industries in recent decades.

Approximately 30 years later, businesses and consumers alike are on the hunt for products with green, eco-friendly, and non-toxic labels that are safe for human and environmental health. Of course, this means that there are also now organizations that provide green certifications for both products and many types of professionals. From the common school janitorial service to a residential pressure washing service, green cleaning professionals are here to stay.

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What is ISSA CMI?

The ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) is a nationally recognized provider of education and certification programs for those belonging to the professional cleaning industry. Certifying more than 300,000 individuals worldwide since 1964, cleaning and maintenance professionals expand their skills sets with CMI’s numerous certification offerings, including green cleaning.

What is a Green Certification?

A green cleaning certification is a designation professionals can earn by completing an online green cleaning program. The course teaches professionals how to clean in a way that is safe for the environment. It also demonstrates how to use green cleaners, as well as green cleaning equipment.

The emphasis of this course is to advise providers on how to protect the environment while being an effective cleaner. This knowledge can help clients protect the environment as well.

What is a Green Seal Certification?

In addition to professional certifications, the Green Seal certification process helps ensure various products meet multiple health, environmental, and performance criteria created under Green Seal’s standards. Green Seal products include but are not limited to floor care, multi-purpose cleaners, and even sanitary papers.

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Why Do I Need A Green Cleaning Certification?

While there may be numerous cleaning services in your area, obtaining a green cleaning certification can put your brand — and profits — ahead of the rest. With many customers willing to pay extra for green cleaning products in-store, they’re also willing to pay more for the green cleaning services you can provide.

Many cleaning services have already begun seeing the value of green practices, and are offering them at a higher price point than competitors who are still using old-fashioned cleaning products and methods. While anyone could purchase green cleaning products for business use, green cleaning certifications can be used as a badge of authentication across the industry.

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How Do I Become Green Certified?

In order to become a green-certified professional, you must complete a green cleaning program supplied by a reputable provider.

Green Certification Providers

Organizations such as the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) and the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) provide various online courses and training programs that can be completed to obtain green cleaning certifications. If you own a professional cleaning business, be sure to check these out.

How to Get Green Seal Certified

If you are in the cleaning business, there’s a chance you may want to venture into the business of cleaning products. In the event you want to develop green products, you must take the correct route to get your products Green Seal Certified. To do so, select the type of green product you’ve created and fill out the Certification Interest Form, and Green Seal will determine if your product adheres to the necessary criteria.

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